History of the Armenian Brotherhood Church of Montreal.

‘And I say also unto thee, that thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it’. Matthew 16:18

In the fall of 1976 four believers from various backgrounds expressed a yearning desire in having an Armenian Brotherhood Church in the Montreal area. The zeal for God’s word and for its unhindered work towards the spiritually lost within the Armenian community of Montreal motivated the birth of this church through the efforts of Brothers: Aspet Geng, Kevork Kazarossian, Nigoghos Marangian, and Garbis Nalbantian.

Within a few weeks, the first gathering was held in the home of Brother Vartevar and sister Ovsannah Hovsepian with a small group of believers. Not long after the group outgrew this home. The brothers began to pray for God to intervene and provide a suitable place of worship. It was at this time that Brother Hovsep Hovsepian, the Pastor of Temple Baptist Church, noticed this need and invited this newly formed group of believers to hold their meetings in his church building.

The following week, in early January of 1977, the first meeting of the new Brotherhood church was held in the main sanctuary of Temple Baptist Church building (5815 Durocher Ave., Outremont, Quebec), at 5PM. The sermon was delivered by Brother Nigoghos Marangian. It was the first time that the Montreal Brotherhood enjoyed a gospel message preached from a pulpit.

The Lord added to the church even more souls, and not long after, Brother Barkev Talaslian joined Brother Nigoghos and worked hand in hand in this ministry. During the first few years the church grew to approximately 50 faithful, and on January 1st of 1981 the Church was registered with the Government of Canada and the Province of Quebec as The Armenian Biblical Brotherhood Church of Montreal.

At the start of the eighties a group of faithful began meeting for special prayer at the home of sister Vergin Khavloujian. Among them were Brother Kevork Kazarossian, his wife Sirvart, and brother Dikran Bizdikian. They prayed and fasted earnestly for the Lord to send a revival in the Armenian community and for the growth of the church.

After three years of prayer and fasting, the most explosive growth came to this young church as God sent many of his servants from various parts of the world to minister during special meetings. Reverent Juan Ekizian and Brother Carlos Hadjian from South America, Brother Samuel Pambakian from Pasedena, Reverent Krikor Garabedian from Toronto and many others came to minister the word of God to the believers. It was during these meetings that many youth and young families were added to the fold. Through the worship, teaching and fellowship that followed, a stable youth, Sunday school, women’s and couples ministries were underway.

As Armenian families started moving out of Park Extension, Montreal, and into the City of Laval, the church board made the decision to move their place of worship in order to pursue the future church. Through God’s miracle, and against unspeakable odds, the Lord opened up a door at Chomedey Baptist Church located in Chomedey, Laval.

The Brotherhood church will always remain grateful to God for the honoring role that Temple Baptist played in providing a place of worship for those 17 years.

It was in April of 1994 that our congregation moved their services to Laval’s Chomedey Baptist Church building located at 1225 Elizabeth Bl. where until today we are thankful that God is using us.

Brother Barkev Talaslian and his wife Maro remained faithful servants and have tirelessly served the Lord by ministering to the saints these many years and as such have played a big part in the life and mission of the Armenian Brotherhood Church of Montreal.

As of August 1, 2012, the Lord has blessed this church once again but this time with a full-time Pastor, Rev. Gary Karamanoukian. Along with his wife Gasia, they are serving with God’s might and Spirit all the while maintaining His original commission to making disciples, preaching and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19, 20.

Though this church has seen its ups and downs, it remains thankful and grateful that God has maintained its viability. We pray that God may give us a repentant spirit, a broken heart, and a tearful eye for those lost along the way. May God use the Armenian Brotherhood Church of Montreal for a new revival and as a home for the lost.

“And this is eternal life, that they may know Thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom Thou hast sent,” John 17:3